As an individual I cherish human freedom. Choosing to be an abstract artist has enabled me to express this freedom in a very human way. I aim to bring new aesthetic objects into being, into the world, which have character, meaning and ongoing value.I generally work without any preconceived ideas other than a desire for complexity with diversity. Where some see unstructured chaos I attempt to transfer personal chaos and mundane materials into work that is both structurally 'sound', 'together', and stimulating. I want to create work that continues to give the viewer an ongoing enriching relationship. Each work is a uniquely created 'world'.  There will often be some of the early underlying layers left showing at a paintings completion, so there is a sense of archaeology, history and process where this happens. These under-layers can help provide an interesting  contrast to the more recently painted parts, preventing something occurring that is too simply unified in form and colour and one dimensional in structure.I don't want to get too pinned down into a style and end up doing slight variations on a theme. I like the awkward, ugly, and crude to be present in some of my work.I continually come back to the idea that the quality of a work of art should be judged as an object in its own right. Therefore I am happy to talk about what a work is doing and my own process but ideally want a viewer to engage with it on their own terms.I also continue to develop my philosophical ideas on the creative process, such as what it says about being human, including ideas on authenticity, freedom and overcoming alienation.I take myself seriously, and not seriously, both at the same time; this is not always easy.


John Pollard 2018

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