I am an abstract artist based in Suffolk, UK and my main focus is painting, although in the past I have used photography and presently I have started experimenting with making small sculptures from mild steel.

I believe that it is with abstract art that there are still new forms of visual art to explore. I subscribe to the belief that 'more is (generally) more'. Newly created/found abstract worlds that offer a rich meaningful experience to the viewer will not come from simplicity. Simplicity, or minimalism, has its place in our visual world (e.g. in architecture and nature) but if I want to experience a painting or sculpture I want it to 'give' to me, to stand out into the world and provide a meaningful experience. With minimal art one has to add meaning to make up for the lack of the work's content.

'Complex Diversity' in paintings won't guarantee quality, but for me that notion is a necessary part of what I value in art and am trying to achieve in my own work.

I am a participant in the Brancaster Chronicles. You can see filmed discussions of my work here: https://branchron.com/category/john-pollard/


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